SH&S 062: Do Side-Hustles & Relationships Mix or Should You Focus on 1 Thing Only?

Should you forego relationships while striving to be a sidehustler… or while managing side hustle? Is 100% focus in one direction the most important? Maybe yes, maybe no, we don’t know. You shouldn’t take our answer for it because you should think through and decide your own decisions. Either way, in this episode, we talk about… relationships and side-hustles… and whether they mix or not. So, listen in. 

This Episode’s Featured Drinks: Fanta Golden Kiwi and Hiyashiame

Yuriy’s drink on the left, Keishi’s on the right.


Throughout the episode, we mentioned a number of resources that are worth checking out. Below is a list of them for easy access:

  • Bluehost – A web hosting service that we recommend for first-time side hustlers looking to start a blog. With one-click WordPress installation and less than $5 per month fee for some of its plans, Bluehost makes it about as frictionless to get started as possible.

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