SH&S 061: Unscripted: Accounting, Books & Wedding Photos

In this episode, Yuriy and Keishi talk about accounting – DIY vs. outsourcing, optimizing taxes, and more. They also discuss the books they have been recently reading including Jay-Z’s Decoded and Sam Walton’s Made in America. Finally, they chat about Keishi’s recent experience with a Japanese wedding photo studio and why he thinks the company operating that and many other studios is slated for growth.

This Episode’s Featured Drinks: Hakka Soda and Shizuoka Musk Melon Cider

Yuriy’s drink on the left, Keishi’s on the right.


Throughout the episode, we mentioned a number of resources that are worth checking out. Below is a list of them for easy access:

  • Bluehost – A web hosting service that we recommend for first-time side hustlers looking to start a blog. With one-click WordPress installation and less than $5 per month fee for some of its plans, Bluehost makes it about as frictionless to get started as possible.

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