SH&S 049: Are You a Good Learner? Most Important Life Skill: Learning How to Learn

In this episode, after sharing their drinks of the day, Yuriy and Keishi talk about learning how to learn. Besides covering some of the basic concepts behind how our brains (do not) retain the information we learn, we discuss some strategies that can help you learn better. Whether you already have a side hustle or are planning to launch one, this episode will help you become better at learning and putting that knowledge into practical use.

This Episode’s Featured Drinks: Icy Spark Lemon and Sekai no Kitchen

Yuriy’s drink on the left, Keishi’s on the right.


Throughout the episode, we mentioned a number of resources that are worth checking out. Below is a list of them for easy access:

  • Bluehost – A web hosting service that we recommend for first-time side hustlers looking to start a blog. With one-click WordPress installation and less than $5 per month fee for some of its plans, Bluehost makes it about as frictionless to get started as possible.
  • Learning to Learn – An Udemy course taken by Yuriy.
  • Anki – A popular flashcard learning app recommended by Yuriy.

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